Who is Mr. G?


I created Mr. G, who is an animated version of myself, as a character to test 3D animation on. It soon became apparent to me that he would be perfect to express all the comedic ideas that flash through my mind so often. Thus, Mr. G is a lovable lad, who is quite unfortunate , with a life consisting of “un-successes” and mishaps all strung together, one after the other.

Mr. G’s profession is in Psychiatry, which considering the rest of his life, is going just as you wold expect it to. You may even find him driving trucks or piloting small airplanes, and failing hilariously at cooking dinner. But he keeps on, and you should keep on coming back to see where he ends up next!

So sit back and enjoy!

patreon_Mr. G_Message

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All 3D work done in Blender 3D
All 3D work done in Blender 3D

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