Short: “InSecurity” | Mr. G

A DC-3 asset from "In-Security"
A DC-3 asset from “In-Security”

The first report on a new project out of many for Mr. G: “InSecurity”.

This is one a few shorts that I’m currently writing and producing for Mr. G. The scripting is still in the works, which is being developed as the visuals come about. The two kind of work hand in hand. I like to let the setting and the story itself tell me what it needs, and then extrapolate and make cohesive where needed.

The basic premise sees our loveable Mr. G as a guard at an airfield. As he fights his immense boredom, something strange begins to take shape.

Mr. G’s Guard Booth

As the story unfolds with the visuals, more news will be posted, but to be sure to stay in the loop, follow and support Mr. G on Patreon

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