The First Mr. G Short – Making “Steppin’ Out”

The premise behind “Steppin’ Out” sees Mr. G attempting to step out for a quick errand run, but simply backing out of the driveway proves to be more of a challenge then he anticipated.

Concept digital art for Steppin' Out
2D environment concept digital art for Steppin’ Out

This short is going to help set off the long string of unfortunate, and comedic occurrences that is Mr. G’s everyday life. At this point, the animation is close to being completed, and post production will then follow.

Below is a video of the initial modeling stage at the beginning of this whole project.

Mr. G – Steppin’ Out – Initial Modeling of the Environment from TSM Arts on Vimeo.

At the same time, I have other projects going for Mr. G, with a new 2D artist to soon be joining the team, allowing me to just focus on everything 3D.

More updates and monthly images to come!

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